How do you find books to read? Get referrals from a friend, from book club members, or from YouTube?

Exclusively for the readers on YourTalky, we have gathered a list of the best BookTubers. This list is not in a sequence. And believe us, when you see every one of them, each and every reviewer is better than the other.

Let’s have a look at the best book review and critique channels that every bibliophilic must subscribe to on YouTube.

Better Than Food

This channel is run by Cliff Sergeant, who claims that he only reviews books that he finds better than food. When you look at his channel, you will find very detailed reviews of a wide array of fiction and psychology books.

Cliff reviews books like gossiping with a friend about college girls. He is informal, funny, expressive, and most importantly, detailed-oriented.

Emmma Books

Emma is a bold critique. She not only shares her favorite books, her collection, and her hauls but also doesn’t hesitate to share the books she dislikes. This makes her channel stand apart from the rest of the YouTube book critics.

She also has a separate collection of books for different personalities and occasions – for Christmas, at a beach, or on Halloween.

Krimson Rogue

Krimson’s reviews and critiques are typically based on fiction books. You will differentiate his reviews from that of others based on his humor, lightheartedness, and incorporation of movie scenes and animation.

His genre is pretty much specified in fantasy novels and chivalric characters. So, if you love dragons, legends, devils, and unrealistic love stories, you will definitely watch Krimson Rogue’s channel like a Netflix season.

The book Belle

A book reviewer from Generation Z is always loved nowadays. Most of the books she reviews are the favorite topics of millennials. Billionaire books, books that have changed the world and written history, and novels that manifest the power of love and the agony of broken hearts.

If you love to read books that keep you motivated for a better life, check out her channel and read the books she has recommended.

Merphy Napier

One great thing about Merphy is, she is honest. She doesn’t like to PRETEND on the camera and that is what makes her channel unique.

If you love books on fiction, history, and chivalry, Merphy Napier’s channel is your go-to platform. From in-depth reviews to honest critiques and wise recommendations, Merphy’s Youtube channel is a real goldmine for every book lover.

She also publishes a lot of reviews that contain spoilers, but thankfully, she mentions it in the intro before giving the spoilers. So make sure you check out the intro to see the disclaimer of spoilers.

The Poptimist

This Asian-American book reviewer is a veteran of his field. He has focused on the problems of the millennials and knows what it takes to target their pain point. He recommends great reads to broken hearts, depressed minds, and lost souls of this generation.

You will find him giving away a lot of worthy advice in short videos within 10-20 minutes, unlike other reviewers who make videos no less than 25 minutes. Check out his channel and see how his face and the deep voice say it all about his authority in the niche.

Indian BookTuber

Literature is an asset that can be acquired by anyone with any background. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you will find plenty of Indian YouTubers reviewing English books. The best part is, even natives love watching them.

This Indian Book reviewer reviews books in English and Hindi. Most of these books are in the self-help or love story genre. This girl portrays her grip on the literature by sharing a deep review of every book she reads – mentioning the aspects she loved and hated.

Besides quality book reviews, you will see her sharing tips to read, write, and publish books successfully and effectively. If you are a reader who is planning to write a book in the future, you must check out her videos.

Ethan Schwandt – The Mind Map Guy

Ethan doesn’t believe in appearing on the camera and talking about an amazing book he has read. He believes in visually showing the key takeaways from the books he reads.

His channel has primarily focused on self-help and personal development, something millennials love to read and listen to. None of his recommendations include fairy tales and fictional stories. He reads and recommends billionaire books and the books that have helped people bring a change to the world.

His detailed book summaries are coupled with immense tips to improve yourself as a human and become a better reader day by day. If you have thought of hiring a personal development coach once in a lifetime, try watching his channel. It may save you thousands of dollars.

Becca The Book Reviewer

This channel is run by Rebecca from Australia who loves to collect Tsums Tsums and funky pops. What do you expect from a book reviewer who loves collecting Tsums Tsums?

Just like her hobby says about Rebecca, her channel is based on reviewing and recommending fictional books to her audience. Most of them are based on women and their struggles in society.

Watch her channel if you want some great recommendations in this niche. You would love to see those funky pop collections in her background.

Rose Mannering

Rose’s recommendations are as gorgeous as her. She loves reading fictional novels related to the struggle of men and women. She reads novels that talk about people, nature, and psychology.

The special characteristic of her channel is that her videos are free from the ‘curse’ of spoilers. She has the talent to review a book without giving spoilers. And you cannot find that quality often. Check out her channel and you may find your go-to review girl.

In A Nutshell

When we researched for the best book review and critique channels on YouTube, there were a lot of quality reviewers and critics. However, we have given a shoutout to our top 10 selections. Make sure you make the most of this valuable list of the best BookTubers. Happy reading! 🌞🌌