Are you one of those people who loves the smell of yellowed pages in a good old paper book? If that's the case, you don't need to read this article at all - no one has to explain to you the advantages of printed books. But you'll read it anyway, because that's exactly what we do, isn’t it? However, if you really wanted to know the reasons why paper books are better, you've come to the right place. In today’s article, we'll take a closer look at this topic. We will also explain why it is worth sharing your paper books with other people.

1.  Lets you spread the content you find valuable

A paper book is not only a source of data and dry information. If you want to, it can become a kind of journal for you. You can highlight parts that have caught your attention. You can also create your notes, add some extra conclusions, set your own goals. The margins in the book can become a space for your creativity. Do you like doodling and drawing? Go ahead, do it exactly the way you want and wherever you want in your book. This will help you absorb the content of the book. Moreover, the person who inherits it from you will have access to your records. Who knows what great changes in his or her life will occur just because you decided to leave your inspirations written in the paper book you shared?

2.  Sharing physical copies of books has no limits

We might think it is much easier to share an electronic version of a book than a paper one. But in fact, in order to donate or share the e-book, we need our electronic device at hand. The person who we pass the book to also needs a device. Moreover, we need to somehow establish a connection– email address, bluetooth, or some other way to be able to share the e-book. Printed books can really be a lot easier to share– you just hand it over to the person and that's it. But that’s not all. If you wish, you can share any title you find interesting with any stranger without even making contact. How? By leaving the book in a public place, in public transportation, or in a book sharing box. Have you never heard of this initiative? You'll find out soon.

3.  Book sharing box - supporting reading in the local community

Have you ever heard of a book sharing box? These are cute boxes where anyone can leave paper books that they would like to share with others. We can take a book ourselves and leave one of ours. It is an anonymous initiative that helps promote reading in the local community. It gives us the opportunity to share resources that we consider valuable. What's more, we can also broaden our own mental horizons by reaching for some titles that we might not buy ourselves. Who knows what surprises await you in the book sharing box?

4.  Book sharing programs - alternative ways to exchange books

Book reading and sharing can be really fun. A book sharing program gives us great options to share and spread our paper books all across the community and even further abroad. Initiatives like BookMooch, BookCrossing, Books on the Subway, Book Fairies, and Little Free Libraries are just a few examples of such programs. This way of sharing paper books has many advantages - it allows people to read at public transportation stations and other public spaces to inspire others and get inspired.

5.  Worth every effort

The benefits of sharing paper books are countless. Sharing and obtaining physical books shapes our interior life. Book swapping can allow us to get to know other people and their interests. It also allows us to express ourselves and leave something of value behind us. And the smell of a paper book– the quintessence of coziness... I don’t have to explain why I prefer physical books – I always go for the best.