These are services for exchanging or swapping book copies.


  • Bookswap UK - UK swapping service.
  • Bookscrossing - international webpages run by users freely giving away and exchanging books in different places.  
  • Bookmooch - Points exchanging system based on mailing books.
  • PaperBackSwap - milions of books available for exchanging on the USA territory.
  • Mangatude - service for exchanging Manga and comic books.
  • Bookswapper - German book swapping service
  • - Swap, exchange, give away, resell using all above platforms. Read more.


Other sites for mostly reselling books that are worth mentioning: BoxOfBooks, Powells, Bookscouter,

The platform of which blog you are reading now, let's you:

  1. Adding private, restricted to your paper copy audio recordings.
  2. Monitor book journey.
  3. Discuss your favorite books with others by recording audios.
  4. Create local hubs, enrich neighbourhood and exchange with friends.
  5. Open your bookshelf to the world or your neighbourhood.
  6. Find friends and other readers in read life with whom you could exchange.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.