To benefit from YouTalky's goodies, a book must have a QR code. With this code, we have access to:

  • Checking the status and location of the book.
  • Exchanging books.
  • Recording reviews and private opinions about the book.
  • Getting in touch with the author
  • and more...

You should print and stick the new QR code, which you download after adding the book to your shelf.

Codes generated when books were added to the shelf.

But what if we want to add many different books to the shelf?

To add many books quickly and without unnecessary clicking, we can use the BGS mode (read: Bee Gees)

BGS - Barcode Generator System

Multiple codes at once - how?

  1. Go to the profile in the "Codes" tab, select the number of A4 pages to be generated and click the generate button.
    💰 each free account has the option to generate 1 page. If you want to add more, please contact us ( to change your account type.

2. After clicking generate, we download a PDF file with 10 empty codes, which looks like this:

Blank labels ready to pair with your books.

3. Next we need to print the PDF file. We can do it on ordinary paper, but remember that after binding, the codes will be permanently associated with a given copy of the book - so it's best to stick them. The generated codes can be printed on sticker paper of the Polish company - the sheets can be ordered online, e.g. via

The pattern that matches the generated sheet is Art. 014 - 10 labels per side plus a margin. Printed labels:

4. Then peel off the label (or cut it out if you printed on plain paper) and stick it on the book in your favorite place.

The label is peeled off a sheet of label paper

5. The label is currently empty. The final step is to add it to your binding system for your book. To do this, just scan the label with your phone's camera.

The following graph shows the scanning process.

  • We scan the QR code that we stuck (with a smartphone camera or a special program for QR codes).
  • We go to the link contained in the QR code.
  • A barcode scanner opens in the browser, which we have to direct at the barcode from the ISBN. It is usually located on the back of the book (in the photo, a finger is covered with a different code so as not to spoil the reading)
  • We click the Connect button, which assigns us information about our shelf, account and book to the code we have glued on it.
  • Done!

Now, after scanning the QR code, we have access to:

  • Record private reviews about your book
  • Lending it to other users
  • Checking its status in the account panel
  • Use of the study option (if it is a foreign language book)
    This way, having a sheet of labels, we can add 10 books in 2 minutes.