One of the ways is to belong to a bookclub, one is to create one and one of the ways is the human contact.

You may wonder what is it on the thumbnail of this post. What am I holding in my jacket's pocket?

It is a custom bookmark that gets generated on YouTalky once you create at least one bookshelf. It has QR code that leads to your bookshelf so that person who scans it, can find it and send you a private message.

It comes in 4 different languages:

Custom bookmark for your bookshelf

How to generate it?

First you need to export it by clicking on the purple bookmark button next to the title of a bookshelf:

Generate Bookmark button

and then you need to print it.

How to Use it?

I have many books and each one of them holds this bookmark. This way once I al travelling with a book and I see someone reading I always have a short piece of information to share.

It leads to my bookshelf, it says basic information about the idea and it gives people possibility of contacting me if they like one of those books. I have exchanged books with 2 people so far and a couple came to my bookclub.

The fact of giving someone who reads a bookmark and offering them a book to share can be a great conversation starter.

YouTalky as Exchange Hub

If you run a book club, vegan restaurant, restoring furniture place or any other place where you might have books - you can use YouTalky to monitor and show currently available book copies at your place.

Have a great day and keep enjoying a good read!