BooksCrossing on YouTalky is fun and easy.

In order to share a book, you just need to:

  1. Identify it first - click the Search icon on the top of your screen and find it via Bookle (which is internal search engine). Type the Title or ISBN code (what is ISBN) or Author of the book you want to share.

2. Find it in the search results and click RELEASE button. In case the book's cover does not match or is not available, make sure it's the correct ISBN.

3. Click Download Label in order to generate unique label and print it.

Label generated in English would look like this:

You can use any printer to do it (and glue or pin it to the book). The quickest way is to use mini, portable printers that can print already with sticker paper.

Attach it to the book's copy. It allows for quick exchanges between users in real life.


The book with generated label looks like this:

If the book was just released by you then by entering the QR code you can:

  • Update it's reading status
  • Change the library that the book it's currently at (if you have multiple shelves or you are dropping it at nearby public shelve e.g. coffee place)
  • Record Audio review or idea about it

Why are we doing this?

It's simple - when other person will scan the QR code, she will be able to take the book to her library.

This is a way to keep track of your books and exchange them in real life, with real people.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me via contact page.