In this post, we explain you the idea behind it, share with you a couple ideas and invite you to make your book special before giving it away.


14th of February 2022

You may know this date as a Valentine's day. It is also a day to share love with others through book exchanges. In fact, the main idea behind #bookgivingday  event is sharing books with children.

You may get involved with the official event or you can expand the scope of it, and change the popular, mainstream Vanetine's day into meaningful day! There is a few as meaningful activities as donating books!

Ways to Participate

Before letting your books away, try make them special. That will make your gift even more personal.

  1. Order your bookshelf - Have a look at all your books and find a couple that you will not read anymore.
  2. Find local 2nd hand shops - You can donate your books there or sell them for a cheap price.
  3. Meet with a friend - Suprise your friends by meeting them and giving them the book.
  4. Find a bookclub nearby - You can use a, facebook or your local yellow pages to find one. It's a perfect excuse to socialize and find people who love recieving books.

Make it Personal

You can generate label on YouTalky that will let you record your review or personal memo to the person you will be giving the book to. Find out more how to do it here.

Audio Recording added to the Simon Sinek's book. Hidden for privacy purposes

Happy sharing!