Where do you go when you have some extra bucks in your pocket? Did you say, a bookstore? You better review your decision since this article is going to reveal the most expensive books in the world. They will certainly make you feel poor, miserable, and broke.

Note: The last one will blow your mind, so stick with us till the end.

10. The Red Book by Carl G. Jung

Starting with USD 250 on Amazon, this is a masterpiece of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung who wrote it between 1915 to 1930. Yes, it took him complete 16 years to write this book! Written 100 years ago, this book was published in its English translation in 2009.

The Red Book illustrates what Jung himself called ‘my most difficult experiment’. Where he concluded the psychological experiments and recorded his visions, fantasies, and imaginations. He termed those imaginations ‘mythopoetic imagination.’ Something mysterious enough to be sold for 250 bucks.

9. Action Comics 1


Who knew a comic book featuring a muscular man with superpowers is going to change the way people see the entertainment industry. In 1938, DC Comics created a comic of superman which by far became the most expensive comic book and attained recognition among billions of people.

It was found out in 2014 that the original copy of Action comics 1 was sold for around 3.5 Million US Dollars. Not a surprise if you compare it with the current action movie industry!

8. The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling


You may know J. K. Rowling by her Harry Potter series. And you must be surprised why Harry Potter is not her most profitable book ever. This British authoress created only seven copies of her handwritten and manually illustrated The Tales of Beedle The Bard. She gifted six of them to her friends (who would become millionaires after selling them) and used the seventh one to generate 3.98 million USD at a charity auction.

This is about the original copy. However, the public editions can be bought for as low as 6 bucks on Amazon.

7. Copy of The Constitution In 1789 by George Washington


George Washington proposed 12 amendments in the constitution on 25th September 1789 as the leader of the First Congress. The original copy they wrote is now displayed in the Rotunda in the National Archives Museum. This copy was sold for what equals USD 10.2 Million today.

6. Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf


This novel is the third by a renowned novelist Virginia Woolf which was written in 1922. It is a protagonist novel about Jacob Flanders and the impression of other characters about Jacob. This book was initially published with 1,200 copies only, with the last one being sold for a whopping USD 12.45 Million, as of now.

5. The Codex Of The Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci


Considered on the top of the most valuable books collections, The Codex of Leicester is only a 72 pages manuscript that is all about the ideas and theories of Leonardo Da Vinci about the world, its fossils, and the moon. The original manuscript was purchased by an industrialist in 1980 for USD 5.8 million and then sold to Bill Gates in 1994 for USD 30.8 million. Scientists say that the knowledge present in this manuscript is worth billions, if not trillions.

4. Anathomia Corporis Humani by Mondinodie Luizzi


This Roman book was the first known copy that was purely dedicated to Human anatomy. This book was written in 1316 AD and printed in 1475. This book was the first one of itself to describe not only the human body, its organs, and tissues, but also laid the foundation of dissecting techniques. Reading these details, do you even feel surprised if this is one of the most profitable books ever.

3. Shakespeare’s First Folio


This book is the first publication of William Shakespeare which was originally published in 1623. This book includes a number of comedy, historic, and tragic dramas written by Shakespeare. This 900 pages book has been released in multiple editions. It was held in William’s library in London from 1716 till 2006 when it was sold to a dealer in 2006 for USD 39.4 million as of today’s inflated price.

2. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Charles Dickens – the sensational British writer of the 19th century wrote a short novel that deals with ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities. It was written in 1843 and its original copy was sold for a whopping 50 Million US dollars. Pretty much the most expensive book in the world?

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