What is YouTalky?

Girls finding a book with voice notes added

Imagine you are reading your favorite book. Your favorite __paper__ copy. You're with the person you love, a friend, a couple, child. You find the particular idea that you have just read incredible, it explains the thing that you most cherish!

Using your phone, you scan the QR code from the book cover, press a button and record your thoughts. Along with them you grab the moment, your personality, voice, emotions. Then you release the button and close the browser in your mobile.

After some time, it might be in a moment or in 5 years, somehow the book happens to be in the hand of the person you loved. She scans the QR code, clicks "Take to my bookshelf" button and clicks play to listen to the thought you recorded.

She is touched by all of it. The allure, your lively emotions. She records her thought to reply to yours. Once she releases the "Record" button, you release a notification that someone has said something on the book you have commented.

You then enter the page of the book copy that was yours and see on the map the location of the new owner. You go to the profile and contact him / her to talk more about the book.

This is YouTalky.com - This and much more!

Feel free to create private and public thoughts on your favorite books.